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What Our Clients Say

“All Windows kernel developers should take this course.”

This is an excellent course and I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to lift the lid on Windows and see how it actually works!
John Doe, Google Inc.
One is never sure of the value of an introductory course; so often, the basics are too general to be of real value. That is not the case with this class! From day 1, we jumped right into the guts of the Windows OS. Alex’s understanding of our goals was spot on, and he delivered exactly the content we sought. Great class, excellent instructor! 
Jane Doe, Apple Inc.
” Time was managed well, everything was covered while still allowing for questions, etc.”
John Doe, Google Inc.
An absolute must take class for anyone doing windows reverse engineering!
John Doe, Google Inc.
Outstanding course, I’d highly recommend it to anyone.
John Doe, Google Inc.
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