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The World's Simplest Hypervisor

Project Description

SimpleVisor is a simple, Intel x64 Windows-specific hypervisor with two specific goals: using the least amount of assembly code (10 lines), and having the smallest amount of VMX-related code to support dynamic hyperjacking and unhyperjacking (that is, virtualizing the host state from within the host).

Have you always been curious on how to build a hypervisor? Has Intel’s documentation (the many hundreds of pages) gotten you down? Have the samples you’ve found online just made things more confusing, or required weeks of reading through dozens of thousands of lines and code? If so, SimpleVisor might be the project for you.
Not counting the exhaustive comments which explain every single line of code, and specific Windows-related or Intel-related idiosyncrasies, SimpleVisor clocks in at about 500 lines of C code, and 10 lines of x64 assembly code, all while containing the ability to run on every recent version of 64-bit Windows, and supporting dynamic load/unload at runtime.

Project Details

  • Client Open Source
  • Date September 25, 2016
  • Tags Animation, Architecture, Design, Photography, Recent Projects, Web Development
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