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EDK-II Integration for Visual Studio 2015

Project Description

VisualUEFI is

  • A Solution and set of Visual Studio 2015 Project Files to allow building the official EDK-II without the use of inf files, python and 50 other build tools, a custom dependency tracker and build system, and twenty other custom pieces of code. The EDK-II is present as a submodule, directly from the official TianoCore Tree, and no changes are done to it.
  • A Solution and couple of Visual Studio 2015 Project Files to show two UEFI sample components: A UEFI Application, and a UEFI Boot Driver. The code is 100% EDK-II compatible, but built with VisualUEFI instead.
  • A working copy of QEMU64 2.7 for Windows, with a fairly recent UEFI 2.6 OVMF Secure Boot ROM. These will updated on an ongoing basis as needed. This is integrated with the Visual Studio 2015 Sample Solution so that pressing F5 will spin up the instance for testing.

Project Details

  • Client Open Source
  • Date September 26, 2016
  • Tags Architecture, Design, Recent Projects
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